FSX Beyond GameSpy is a source of information about multiplayer options for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (FSX) now that the built-in, GameSpy-powered multiplayer for FSX is no longer available. While using FSX in single player can be an enjoyable experience, operating in a realistic, online environment provides a much more engaging experience for aviation enthusiasts interested in simulated flying and student and rated pilots who use FSX to practice and maintain proficiency. FSX Beyond GameSpy helps users of FSX connect with others who can share and develop their passion for aviation.

There are many options available for users of FSX, including FSX-based Direct Connect communities, groups using third-party connection tools, and payware air traffic control servers. While GameSpy may be gone, the FSX multiplayer world has never been bigger.

Use our Sessions Page to view or host Direct Connect communities or click on the links on the right side of the page to explore other multiplayer options available.

The Future of Multiplayer

FSX Direct Connect Communities allow their users to connect directly to their networks. FSX Direct Connect CommunitiesCommunities like Boston Virtual ATC, msFlights.net, and HippyHappy Germany remain online by allowing users to connect directly to their networks.
3rd Party Connection clients have allowed large multiplayer communities to thrive. Communities Using 3rd Party ConnectionsFor years, simulator enthusiasts have been using 3rd-party connection tools. VATSIM, IVAO, and FSHost are examples of how FSX can bring people together.
Payware ATC Communities are similar to 3rd Party Connection communities, but charge a membership fee. Payware ATC CommunitiesUsing third-party connection tools, PilotEdge provides professional air traffic control for flight simulators for as low as $4.95/month.

About FSX Beyond GameSpy

Boston Virtual ATC: Blurring the Line Between Simulation and Reality

FSX Beyond GameSpy is sponsored by Boston Virtual ATC, a professional, realistic Direct Connect multiplayer ATC community. This website is about connecting users. It is a resource for anyone displaced by the discontinuity of GameSpy-powered FSX servers. We want you to talk about the website online with your friends and together with your fellow student and rated pilots. We also want to be as inclusive as possible and to allow as many communities to share our voice.

Please Contact Us for more information about adding your community to our list, modifying the information available about your community, or to connect with the FSX Beyond GameSpy development team.